There are over One Billion people across the world that don’t have access to clean drinking water. In an effort to help others around the world gain access to life’s most essential need, SpaceBound, Inc. & some friends are putting together a friendly competition between local companies, officials & citizens in efforts to help people all over the world gain access to clean water.

The Wishing Well Charity Challenge is SpaceBound, Inc’s way of rallying local communities to help give clean water to those who need it around the world. Local companies, school and officials will be competing in various events throughout the day to help raise money, and you can compete too!

All proceeds generated from the Wishing Well Charity Challenge will go directly to charity:water, an organization dedicated to providing clean water to men, women and children across the globe. For
more information about the event, and to find out how you can  participate, please stay tuned!